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The RPCRC is comprised of research-oriented clinicians located at healthcare institutions worldwide. Our goal is to facilitate the advancement of clinical research in the field of Remote Presence.

The Need For Research
In the context of a call for national reform and re-engineering of healthcare, the time is now to establish outcomes research in Remote Presence.

Our Mission
The Consortium's objective is to create a network of clinical researchers that will facilitate outcomes research regarding the delivery of Remote Presence-enabled emergency and critical care and to foster future clinical treatment paradigms.

Our Goals
 •  To foster disease-specific outcomes research examining the impact of
     Remote Presence
 •  To develop a research roadmap to apply initial findings to larger multi-center
     and patient population studies
 •  To create a community of innovators among present and prospective users of
     Remote Presence
 •  To create a body of scientific knowledge surrounding Remote Presence that
     facilitates development of the next generation of technology
 •  To obtain independent funding for outcomes-based research

The RPCRC's research is conducted by academic researchers who are members of the Consortium. InTouch Health facilitates the RPCRC by orchestrating meetings and providing administrative support.